Friday, January 22, 2010

Working on the fireplace

Brian has begun working on our fireplace. We have decided to replace all of the tile that surrounds it. Anyway, while Brian and I were at the Post New Years party with our Life Group, Poppy decided to pull up the tile along the floor. Once he began there was no stoppin' the kids! They just knew Poppy needed their help. They had a lot of fun though.
Notice the hammer is almost half as tall as Isaac!

Here is the picture of Hannah working and Isaac supervising!

Not much else to say right now. I am hoping to get some action shots of Hannah cheering this weekend but it's kinda hard since I'm coaching and all. LOL

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Upward 2010

The Upward season started this past Saturday. Hannah was sooooooo excited about getting to cheer at her first game. She worked so hard on her cheers. I was so proud of our girls. About halftime the girls started to lose interest. "When do we get snack?" "What is for snack?" We definetely need to learn more cheers and begin working on a dance but overall I was very pleased with the kids. I wasn't able to get any "action" shots but below are some pics I took right after we got her dressed.
Hannah wanted me to get a picture of her doing her kick!

"Get me doing a high V Mom!"

I just love this face!!!

We are praying for a good practice this Thursday night and an even better game Saturday!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

It's 2010 and I have higher hopes for my blog for this year! =) I would like to update it at least once a week....hope my motivation remains! LOL Since I last updated we have been to the beach, Hannah started Kindergarten, we (my family) found an AWESOME new church home and too many other things to list! We also had a WONDERFUL Christmas! We got to see both sides of the family on Christmas day and got so many great gifts! My sweet sweet husband got me a Dyson vacuum!! He says anything to try to motivate me to clean house! LOL He also got me an iTouch. I am having too much fun with it....he couldn't have gotten me anything better.
The kids had a great one too. In our family the kids get 3 gift from me & Brian (representing gold, frankencense & myrrh), one gift from each other and Santa will leave something small. Hannah got this huge Barbie doll house as her gold gift. We thought she would absolutely love it....however she hasn't played with it too much. Kinda disappointing.

She did think it was pretty awesome when she took the paper off!

Isaac got the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.....his current obsession! He LOVES to watch the show and was absolutely tickled when he took the paper off. He plays with it all of the time!

The pics below are ones we took right before we went to the Fant's house for "Cookies with Santa". The Fant's always have the neatest night for the kids. Neither of mine cried (shocked that Isaac didn't) but Isaac was really too busy to sit in his lap for more than one picture. Hannah enjoyed getting to see some friends she hasn't seen in quite a while. We haven't seen the pics from this evening but I am sure they are just perfect! LOL

Can you feel the "love" in this picture?

Our family is very excited about the new year! I am striving for more self discipline and working hard to better my relationship with Jesus! Like Bro. Ronnie said a few Sundays ago, "Am I the same as I was a year ago?" I want to be different! I want to be more like Jesus in 2010!!