Saturday, April 9, 2011

Mini Cheer Clinic 2011

The Greenwood High School Varsity Cheer Squad and Pom Squad held their cheer/dance clinic today and Hannah decided she wanted to do it again this year. I was a little surprised since she didn't want to cheer with Upward this past season but we did it. She said she had a blast. Only 2 of her friends did it this year.....Kennedy Holland and Madison Yancey. She was super cute out there learning her cheer and dance. Below are some pictures I was able to get:

They will be performing at the Bulldog Revue on April 30th. She is very excited and has been practicing this evening. Can't wait to see them perform!

Playdate with the Costons

We had the pleasure this past Tuesday of having the 4 Coston kids over to play. They are such good kids....we had a blast! Here are some pictures showing some of what we did.

Sweet Dexter Li! Love his precious smile!

Isaac & Camryn watching some Veggie Tales (Camryn was tired today.) Hannah and Dexter (she has asked me repeatedly since meeting Dexter if she might could get a sister from China....Ha!)

I don't have any pictures to prove that Brandon was there too but he was too busy singing with the karaoke machine to have time for pictures. Ha! We had such a fun time with them....hope to get to do it again soon! Thanks Mischelle for sharing your kids with us!