Saturday, February 5, 2011

Hannah is 7!!!!

The time has Hannah is officially 7 years old! Where has the time gone? It is wierd to me to think I am only 3 years away from having a 10 year old. I was afraid we weren't going to have much of a turnout for Hannah's party today (on account of the crazy snow yesterday!) but I was pleasantly surprised! We had a great number of girls: Madison & Makinley Real, Kaylee Dolan, Leah Hefflin, Kennedy Holland, Emily Alford, Ava Lock, Madison Yancey andPaige Curry. We also had Mamaw, Papaw, Nan, Pop, Aunt Julie, Lauren and Mike Real. I listed everyone just so I would know at a later time. :-)
Didn't Brian do a great job ordering the cookie cake? And boy it was yummy!
Hannah wanted me to take a picture of the plates & cups she mixed up.
Below are some pics of the decor'.

Before the party started, while Isaac was napping, Hannah laid in the floor with her daddy and helped him with a Sudoku puzzle.

...and practiced her songs....

Hannah's friends came and they sang for about an hour. Then it was cake & presents time!

Hannah and Emily waiting for their cookie. :-)

Isaac was found in his room playing with Madison Real....she was ok just listening to the singing and playing in the other room. She is too funny!

Kennedy, Emily & Madison Yancey waiting for cookie.

Hannah got so many nice presents from her sweet friends! She got 3 different board games, a scrapbook kit, aqua sand, floor drawing pad with markers and a couple of kits to make jewelry. Oh, and Mamaw & Papaw got her the alarm clock she has been asking for with a Hello Kitty watch. She hasn't taken the watch off!

Nan and Pop got Hannah a hot pink DSi with Littlest Pet Shop 3 game!! She LOVES it!

She was also very happy to get her "Our Generation" doll....we went tonight and let her pick out an outfit for her doll. She is already saving her money to buy the carrying case.
Isaac was really good! He stayed mostly in his room and even shut the door at one point. Ha!

Here is the only picture I got of the girls singing....they really sang the majority of the time but I was busy being the "hostess" and didn't get too many pictures.

I LOVE this picture! Kaylee, Hannah & Emily. These two girls have been such good friends to Hannah. I pray they remain friends all their lives.

7th Birtday party was defintely a success! I was nervous about having the party at our house but I think it went great! Now we have to start planning a 3rd birthday party for a special little boy. He has already put in his request....Buzz Lightyear!

New Job

I am going to be starting a new job this week....working at Mothers Day Out at our church. I am excited about will be very good for Isaac, and me! Anyway, I had to share my cute lunch bag! I ordered this from "thirty-one" and LOVE it! Can't wait to use it for the first time Tuesday!

More Snow

I don't know about anyone else but I am SO tired of snow and cold weather! We had that little teaser last Saturday of 70 degree weather and then bam....snowed in all week! Greenwood only went to school 1 day this past week. However, I did let Isaac play in the snow for the first time and that was super cute!

He was just running in circles and laughing....too cute!

Snow fight with Dad!

But we have to stop everything to make several snow angels. :-)

Dad hit her in the face with a snowball and she didn't like it one bit!

Look Dad! I can throw snow too!!

It was fun to watch the kids play in the snow with Brian. I hate snow and cold weather so they knew I wasn't doing anything but taking pictures. We have another 2 systems heading our way this week.....praying they miss us!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Last visit to Roland, Ok.....

This past Sunday I took the kids over for one final visit to Mamaw & Papaws house in Roland. They moved to Paris on Tuesday. If felt a little wierd to pull in to the city limits knowing we won't be doing that anymore.

When we pulled up Crystals dad, Greg, was moving the freezer to their house for Tim and Crystal so he was visiting a little.

Here is Mamaw, Papaw, Isaac, Hannah and Caedmon on the porch.

This was a fun picture to take....I remember my dad helping me hide in these cabinets while playing Hide & Seek with Rebekah and Tim. The kids thought this was way cool!
Here is the big group picture....and I will use this to announce my brothers acceptance to pastor a church in Alma!! Yay!!!

I am so excited for my parents and this new chapter in their lives. God is awesome!