Thursday, March 24, 2011

Hard Decisions

I feel sad tonight....we have decided to sell the Tahoe. It has become too expensive to drive and therefore sits there, undriven. I love this vehicle....even though it is old. I will miss you old friend.

Isaac & Caedmon

I am so excited that God has moved my brother and his family to within 40 minutes of my house! Tim is now pastor of Dean Springs Baptist Church in Alma, AR. They closed on their house this past Friday and moved in on Tuesday. To try and help out a little bit, I offered to keep the kids today. Jordan and Hannah ended up spending the night at Mamaw & Papaws in Paris and I got to keep Isaac and Caedmon with me! :-)
When we got home Isaac couldn't wait for Caedmon to watch Veggie Tales "The Easter Carol" with him. This is definitely his favorite movie right now. Don't they look sweet?

After they watched the movie they played with EVERY toy in his room! Then they brought a puzzle in the living room to put together. Isaac is so lucky.....all of his cousins are quite a bit older than him but they love him so much and they are so good with him!

I am very thankful for the relationship that is and will continue to develop between these two. Hannah and Jordan are the only two girls on my side of the family and I just know they are going to be so close. I just love that they are so close now. If I can just figure out how to get my sister and her boys here......the circle would be complete! I better get to work on that! Ha!

Oh the things parents do....

....while potty training their son. Isaac has been "pee-pee" trained for quite some time now. However, he refuses to go pooh in the potty. I don't understand....and quite frankly, it frustrates me so very much! Anyway, he pooped in the potty yesterday!!!! Yay for Isaac!! To reward him for his efforts (and to encourage this continued action) we took him and Hannah to Chuck E Cheese last night. There were no activites at church due to Spring Break so it actually happened at the perfect wasn't croweded! When the lady was stamping our hand as we went in, Isaac looked at her and as loud as he possibly could yelled "I got my big poo-pooh's out!!" He was so very proud! :-)
This picture is terrible but it is the only one I got of the two of them....they were in total different directions the whole evening.

Hannah enjoyed very much Isaac's reward. :-)

Riding with Bob the Builder
Hannah concentrated so hard while she was racing....hope she concentrates this much when she is learning to drive!

Isaac LOVES to play ball....this was his favorite game!

Hannah & Isaac were riding some ride and just laughing so hard....I love them enjoying each other.

Yay! Daddy finally got there and played some games with Isaac.

Overall we had a great time! The kids (and Dad!) used around 130 tokens and we ate some pizza. I only hope and pray we are lucky enough to get to take this trip again another reward for continued success!!!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Miss Patty Cake

Miss Patty Cake came to our church this past Friday night. I wasn't really sure how Isaac and Hannah would do because we had never seen her before but Hannah had a really good time! Isaac would have done better had it not been at 7pm.....that was way too close to his bed time. But he was all smiles when we got there!!

We sat with our friends, the McBrides. Here is Jaycee showing me the flyer advertising Miss Patty Cake. Sweet girl!

Here I am with the kids....not the best picture but just proof I was there! Ha!

And here is Ms. Joslyn....aka Ms. Attitude! hahahaha Love this girl!!

Miss Patty Cake in action....she was great! I love that she makes songs from bible verses and just makes praising God so much fun!

After the second song Isaac was pulling my hand saying "lets go!".

Hannah tried to get him into the motions but he was just so tired. She was precious trying so hard. She really loves her brother....even though it doesn't show all of the time.

We ended the night with him laying on my shoulder.

We had a good time and loved going as a family. Thanks to FBC for having her come!

Valentines Day 2011

We had a great Valentines Day. Isaac and I just hung out in the morning and then went to Hannah's Valentines Party at school. When we walked in the classroom Isaac went straight to the beanbag chair and didn't move. It was so funny.

Ms. Hannah showing me her cupcake.

I asked Hannah to read the heart on her said Happy Valentines Day! Love, Mom and Dad (it was supposed to include Isaac but didn't?). Our awesome PTO put these bags together and you could order one to be delivered to your child.

She loved it!!

Mrs. Watts gave Isaac a Capri Sun....he laid there and drank it. Ha!

Then Ava brought him part of a cookie....and he laid there and ate it!

He then decided he would get up and look at books with Ava. (Ava just LOVES Isaac! She always plays with him when we come to the classroom.)

And here is Hannah with her friends:
Hannah and Ava

Hannah, Ava & Isaac....of course!

Emalee (showing off a Justin Bieber valentine), Hannah, Ava & Isaac

Hannah just posing!

Desarae & Hannah

Emalee & Hannah

Isaac decided the classroom got way too loud! He stood with his ears covered until we left! Ha!

Isaac also had a Valentine's party at MDO but I don't usually work in his room so there are no pictures. I will try to do better next time!

And here is Hannah showing our dinner on Valentine's day.....Brian stopped at Papa John's on the way home and picked up a heart-shaped pizza. We knew Hannah would love this....and she did! She thought it was way cool. Isaac didn't care. :-) Silly boy!

MORE Snow.....

Yes...we got MORE snow! And yes....I am VERY late posting my pictures. :-)
We got so much snow this winter that even Hannah said she was tired of snow and just wanted to go back to school! They have been out so much that their last day of school now will be June 7th! It seems so late to me but it is what it is.
Anyway, the kids went out and played with Brian. I am not a fan of th snow so I just snap some pictures and go back in. This time we got about 4 1/2 inches. Once again the kids had a great time playing with Dad.

Isaac getting a snowball to throw at Dad.

Hannah looks bored and cold! She had fun though. She made a snow angel but I wouldn't walk out in the snow to get a picture.

Here is Isaac showing me that Dad hit him in the head with a snowball.

Here is a picture of one of our lawn chairs....we got a lot of snow!