Thursday, March 24, 2011

Isaac & Caedmon

I am so excited that God has moved my brother and his family to within 40 minutes of my house! Tim is now pastor of Dean Springs Baptist Church in Alma, AR. They closed on their house this past Friday and moved in on Tuesday. To try and help out a little bit, I offered to keep the kids today. Jordan and Hannah ended up spending the night at Mamaw & Papaws in Paris and I got to keep Isaac and Caedmon with me! :-)
When we got home Isaac couldn't wait for Caedmon to watch Veggie Tales "The Easter Carol" with him. This is definitely his favorite movie right now. Don't they look sweet?

After they watched the movie they played with EVERY toy in his room! Then they brought a puzzle in the living room to put together. Isaac is so lucky.....all of his cousins are quite a bit older than him but they love him so much and they are so good with him!

I am very thankful for the relationship that is and will continue to develop between these two. Hannah and Jordan are the only two girls on my side of the family and I just know they are going to be so close. I just love that they are so close now. If I can just figure out how to get my sister and her boys here......the circle would be complete! I better get to work on that! Ha!

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