Friday, March 4, 2011

Valentines Day 2011

We had a great Valentines Day. Isaac and I just hung out in the morning and then went to Hannah's Valentines Party at school. When we walked in the classroom Isaac went straight to the beanbag chair and didn't move. It was so funny.

Ms. Hannah showing me her cupcake.

I asked Hannah to read the heart on her said Happy Valentines Day! Love, Mom and Dad (it was supposed to include Isaac but didn't?). Our awesome PTO put these bags together and you could order one to be delivered to your child.

She loved it!!

Mrs. Watts gave Isaac a Capri Sun....he laid there and drank it. Ha!

Then Ava brought him part of a cookie....and he laid there and ate it!

He then decided he would get up and look at books with Ava. (Ava just LOVES Isaac! She always plays with him when we come to the classroom.)

And here is Hannah with her friends:
Hannah and Ava

Hannah, Ava & Isaac....of course!

Emalee (showing off a Justin Bieber valentine), Hannah, Ava & Isaac

Hannah just posing!

Desarae & Hannah

Emalee & Hannah

Isaac decided the classroom got way too loud! He stood with his ears covered until we left! Ha!

Isaac also had a Valentine's party at MDO but I don't usually work in his room so there are no pictures. I will try to do better next time!

And here is Hannah showing our dinner on Valentine's day.....Brian stopped at Papa John's on the way home and picked up a heart-shaped pizza. We knew Hannah would love this....and she did! She thought it was way cool. Isaac didn't care. :-) Silly boy!

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