Friday, March 4, 2011

Miss Patty Cake

Miss Patty Cake came to our church this past Friday night. I wasn't really sure how Isaac and Hannah would do because we had never seen her before but Hannah had a really good time! Isaac would have done better had it not been at 7pm.....that was way too close to his bed time. But he was all smiles when we got there!!

We sat with our friends, the McBrides. Here is Jaycee showing me the flyer advertising Miss Patty Cake. Sweet girl!

Here I am with the kids....not the best picture but just proof I was there! Ha!

And here is Ms. Joslyn....aka Ms. Attitude! hahahaha Love this girl!!

Miss Patty Cake in action....she was great! I love that she makes songs from bible verses and just makes praising God so much fun!

After the second song Isaac was pulling my hand saying "lets go!".

Hannah tried to get him into the motions but he was just so tired. She was precious trying so hard. She really loves her brother....even though it doesn't show all of the time.

We ended the night with him laying on my shoulder.

We had a good time and loved going as a family. Thanks to FBC for having her come!

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  1. Oh I love that picture of Joslyn, you captured her personality perfectly!!