Saturday, March 10, 2012


I'm sad......I have totally failed in keeping up with my blog since last June. I finally feel like my life is slowing down and I'm hoping I can get caught up. Events will probably not be in the order they happened but at least they will be documented, right? :)

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Random Pictures from my iPhone

These are just some random pictures I took with my new iPhone my amazing husband got me for our anniversary!!

My sweet Hannah!

Hannah & Isaac (after his haircut!)

My sister took a mission trip to China and brought Isaac this hat home. He LOVES it! He wore it for about 3 days straight! Here's my little Emperor!

This is my little friend Dexter Coston.....he is hilarious! It looks like he is crying but he isn't. I asked him to smile for this picture and this is the face he made:

Love him!

And here we have Hannah showing off her punching gloves that her daddy got for her. She has been going out to the garage with him to punch his bag. He is teaching her all about it. This might come in handy when she becomes of age to date!

We went to the Costons to hang out with their kids while they were at the clinic. Hannah LOVES their dog Bella. She told Brandon when they get tired of her just to call....we will come get her and she can be ours! Ha!

My friend Tamara has been moving and so I have helped her by watching the kids some. Hannah also loves for Haven to come over....I defintely see a future of babysitter for my girl!

Hannah was so proud of herself....she fed Haven a bottle and she fell asleep so she got to rock her until I got her bed set up. She loves her lots!

Last but not least, Mrs. Tamara bought Hannah this floppy hat! How cute does she look?? However, she has a little too much attitude for her own good!!

While Brian went over and helped Michael & Tamara move the big stuff, I took the kids and we did a little shopping. Then they picked Burget King for lunch. We had a good spending time with my kids!

Well, there is our life in a few iPhone pics. It's much easier to snap on the go now!

Mini Vacation - Branson

It's summer! What does summer mean for the Buzbee family?!? Branson, of course!!!

We started our mini vacation by driving just outside of Springfield for lunch at Godfathers Pizza.

Godfathers Pizza is Brians most favorite place to eat in the whole world.

Brian and his girl

But Isaac wasn't going to be left out!

After lunch we drove to a drive-thru safari a little further down the road. The kids seemed to enjoy it. I forgot to take any pictures because I was worried about our car the whole time! I'm not so much an animal person.

On Friday we ate breakfast and then played at the Grand Country Fun Spot until the waterpark opened. Isaac would play this bowling game ALL DAY if we would let him. He loves it!

Next, we went to the indoor waterpark. This is just the best thing for us....we don't have to worry about sunburns. The kids love this waterpark even more than Brian and I do! I love that Hannah can pretty much run around and do what she wants to do while Brian floats the lazy river and I watch Isaac play in the kiddie area.

Here is Isaac playing at the outdoor section of the park. He really liked the frog slide.

One of the many things I love about my Hannah is that she can make friends anywhere she goes! She and this little girl started going down the slides together and played until it was time for the other girl to leave. It was fun for Hannah.

After the waterpark, we went to the Dixie Stampede. Neither Brian nor myself had ever been but it was great! Totally worth the money and even Isaac loved it. We had a really good time.
That evening we went to get some frozen custard at Andy's. The best!!! We got to watching the Ozark Sky Coaster and then Isaac decided he wanted to ride some of the little rides. The one he chose was the ferris wheel. They only loaded one kid on each time and it went around forever. By the end of Isaac's ride he was yelling at the guy to "let me out!". Ha! I laughed really hard.

On Saturday we did a tiny bit of shopping, went to an Imax (Tornado Alley) which Isaac sat thru great, and then headed home. It was a fun mini vacation and I have been informed we will be taking another one before school starts. We better eat it up while the kids are small enough to enjoy Branson!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Last Day of MDO

Yesterday was our last day of Mothers Day Out for 2010-2011. I started working at MDO in February and never imagined I would love it as much as I do. I have had the best time and absolutely LOVE those kids in my class! I helped Mrs. Penny teach the 3&4 year olds. I will miss them tremendously next year. Most of them will be going to Preschool and I know will do great.

Here are some of my beautiful girls.....Raelyn & Emma

We had a "fun day" yesterday playing tons of games outside and eating popsicles. Easton, Elizabeth, Brandon & Cole did great on the sack races.
These kids are in a different class and were watching the older kids from the playground.

Dace, Cooper, Ms. Claire and Carson

And of course Mr. Dexter had to see what was going on!

Isaac kept yelling "Mom! I wanna do it!"

Here is the class playing a ball toss game:

Addilyn, Raelyn, Elizabeth, Emma (behind Mrs. Penny), Brandon, Cole, Easton & Kasey

Isaac was HOT and upset that he couldn't play with the big kids. Silly boy!

We had a really good semester. These kids had lots to work on and learned to play together without fighting....too much anyway. They learned how to sit in a group and listen to stories as well as doing worksheets. They are ready for preschool and will have a blast....even though I will miss the little stinkers!

For Me?!?!?

Reason 1,000,000,000,000 why I love my husband......

Isaac's 3rd Birthday Party

The time for Isaac's party has finally come! And it WON'T. STOP. RAINING! Isaac wanted to have his party at the park but it was scheduled to rain so we moved it to the house. Thank goodness the rain held off and the kids were able to play outside on the swingset. We didn't have a super big party....just invited a couple of friends and lots of family.

The cupcakes I slaved over for hours....ok, not really but I did make them!

Isaac and partners in crime, Gage Thomas & Caden Smith

Here are all the kids that came to the party (minus Gage & Griffin who didn't want to be photographed :-))

Blake was visiting his dad but got to come to party a little later. :-)

Isaac is so funny trying to blow out his candles....he blows up! His hair moves but the flame on the candles doesn't move at all! Ha!

Present time!!

Isaac got lots of awesome gifts! Mamaw & Papaw got him "Woody" Mr. Potato Head & "Buzz Lightyear" Mr. Potato Head.....big hit!

Aunt Bekah and the boys got him the Buzz Lightyear Alien Fishing game...along with Toy Story 3 fruit snacks! :-)

Nan and Pop got him a Pirate Water Table which he loves. He says that he is Jake and Hannah is Izzy (from Jake and the Neverland Pirates on Disney).

They had a blast playing glad the rain held off!

Well, another year gone for birthday parties but next year will be here all too soon!

Isaac is 3!!!!!!

What better way to celebrate your birthday than a nap, right? Isaac turned 3 on April 24th, Easter Sunday! We went to the early service at our church then raced to Paris to attend church with Mamaw & Papaw. We made it right on time. After church and lunch Isaac was exhausted so he took a nap....I just can't believe this sweet face is already turning 3.

Isaac picked out a white "funfetti" cake for his birthday cake. We forgot to bring matches and Mom didn't have any so we had to pretend to blow out candles. He seemed very confused. Ha!
He always gets so embarrassed when we sing "Happy Birthday" to him...such a sweet look on his face. He makes me smile!

He opened some presents from Mamaw & Papaw...they got him these 2 Pop-Up books. They are super cute and he loves to read them.

Isaac enjoyed his cake and milk....... we all did! Can you see the icing on Hannah's mouth???

I am so thankful for my kids. Some days I think I can't take much more but I am beyond blessed! I am amazed that God picked me out to be the mom to these two wonderful kids. I only pray that I can be the mom God has called me to be!