Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Last Day of MDO

Yesterday was our last day of Mothers Day Out for 2010-2011. I started working at MDO in February and never imagined I would love it as much as I do. I have had the best time and absolutely LOVE those kids in my class! I helped Mrs. Penny teach the 3&4 year olds. I will miss them tremendously next year. Most of them will be going to Preschool and I know will do great.

Here are some of my beautiful girls.....Raelyn & Emma

We had a "fun day" yesterday playing tons of games outside and eating popsicles. Easton, Elizabeth, Brandon & Cole did great on the sack races.
These kids are in a different class and were watching the older kids from the playground.

Dace, Cooper, Ms. Claire and Carson

And of course Mr. Dexter had to see what was going on!

Isaac kept yelling "Mom! I wanna do it!"

Here is the class playing a ball toss game:

Addilyn, Raelyn, Elizabeth, Emma (behind Mrs. Penny), Brandon, Cole, Easton & Kasey

Isaac was HOT and upset that he couldn't play with the big kids. Silly boy!

We had a really good semester. These kids had lots to work on and learned to play together without fighting....too much anyway. They learned how to sit in a group and listen to stories as well as doing worksheets. They are ready for preschool and will have a blast....even though I will miss the little stinkers!

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