Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Random Pictures from my iPhone

These are just some random pictures I took with my new iPhone my amazing husband got me for our anniversary!!

My sweet Hannah!

Hannah & Isaac (after his haircut!)

My sister took a mission trip to China and brought Isaac this hat home. He LOVES it! He wore it for about 3 days straight! Here's my little Emperor!

This is my little friend Dexter Coston.....he is hilarious! It looks like he is crying but he isn't. I asked him to smile for this picture and this is the face he made:

Love him!

And here we have Hannah showing off her punching gloves that her daddy got for her. She has been going out to the garage with him to punch his bag. He is teaching her all about it. This might come in handy when she becomes of age to date!

We went to the Costons to hang out with their kids while they were at the clinic. Hannah LOVES their dog Bella. She told Brandon when they get tired of her just to call....we will come get her and she can be ours! Ha!

My friend Tamara has been moving and so I have helped her by watching the kids some. Hannah also loves for Haven to come over....I defintely see a future of babysitter for my girl!

Hannah was so proud of herself....she fed Haven a bottle and she fell asleep so she got to rock her until I got her bed set up. She loves her lots!

Last but not least, Mrs. Tamara bought Hannah this floppy hat! How cute does she look?? However, she has a little too much attitude for her own good!!

While Brian went over and helped Michael & Tamara move the big stuff, I took the kids and we did a little shopping. Then they picked Burget King for lunch. We had a good spending time with my kids!

Well, there is our life in a few iPhone pics. It's much easier to snap on the go now!

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  1. LOVE the floppy hat!! I might want one for myself!! Too cute Wendy!