Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Isaac is 3!!!!!!

What better way to celebrate your birthday than a nap, right? Isaac turned 3 on April 24th, Easter Sunday! We went to the early service at our church then raced to Paris to attend church with Mamaw & Papaw. We made it right on time. After church and lunch Isaac was exhausted so he took a nap....I just can't believe this sweet face is already turning 3.

Isaac picked out a white "funfetti" cake for his birthday cake. We forgot to bring matches and Mom didn't have any so we had to pretend to blow out candles. He seemed very confused. Ha!
He always gets so embarrassed when we sing "Happy Birthday" to him...such a sweet look on his face. He makes me smile!

He opened some presents from Mamaw & Papaw...they got him these 2 Pop-Up books. They are super cute and he loves to read them.

Isaac enjoyed his cake and milk....... we all did! Can you see the icing on Hannah's mouth???

I am so thankful for my kids. Some days I think I can't take much more but I am beyond blessed! I am amazed that God picked me out to be the mom to these two wonderful kids. I only pray that I can be the mom God has called me to be!

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