Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Isaac's 3rd Birthday Party

The time for Isaac's party has finally come! And it WON'T. STOP. RAINING! Isaac wanted to have his party at the park but it was scheduled to rain so we moved it to the house. Thank goodness the rain held off and the kids were able to play outside on the swingset. We didn't have a super big party....just invited a couple of friends and lots of family.

The cupcakes I slaved over for hours....ok, not really but I did make them!

Isaac and partners in crime, Gage Thomas & Caden Smith

Here are all the kids that came to the party (minus Gage & Griffin who didn't want to be photographed :-))

Blake was visiting his dad but got to come to party a little later. :-)

Isaac is so funny trying to blow out his candles....he blows up! His hair moves but the flame on the candles doesn't move at all! Ha!

Present time!!

Isaac got lots of awesome gifts! Mamaw & Papaw got him "Woody" Mr. Potato Head & "Buzz Lightyear" Mr. Potato Head.....big hit!

Aunt Bekah and the boys got him the Buzz Lightyear Alien Fishing game...along with Toy Story 3 fruit snacks! :-)

Nan and Pop got him a Pirate Water Table which he loves. He says that he is Jake and Hannah is Izzy (from Jake and the Neverland Pirates on Disney).

They had a blast playing glad the rain held off!

Well, another year gone for birthday parties but next year will be here all too soon!

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