Thursday, October 14, 2010

Student of the Month!!

We were very proud to hear that our Hannah got Student of the Month for October! She was so excited to tell me last Friday when she got in the car that I was going to get to come eat breakfast with her at school! She eats breakfast at home every morning so this was such a treat for her. They did a neat little ceremony and made a big deal for the kids this year. It was really neat!

Ms. Hannah is getting her "Student of the Month" pin. She also got a magnet and pen.

Just a sweet smile from my smart girl!

Here is Hannah racing away from Mrs. Fox after getting her certificate. The stinker was so fast we couldn't snap the picture! Ha!

This is the picture of Kindergarten & 1st Grade Students of the Month that will appear in the Greenwood Democrat. Hannah's friends Megan Christianson, Lindsey Scogin & Abi Coston also were named Student of the can see Lindsey but Megan & Abi are behind the blond lady.

Finally got a picture of Hannah with her certificate.

Here is Hannah with her teacher Mrs. Watts. We love her so much and I know without a doubt that God placed Hannah in her class. We are honored to have Hannah in her care.
I'm so proud of my Student of the Month!!! Way to go Hannah!!!

Carving Our Pumpkin

This is the first year that we have let the kids actually help carve the pumpkin instead of just watching Daddy do it. Hannah loved it, which surprises me because she doesn't like to touch icky things. She cleaned out those seeds like a pro and showed Isaac how it was done.

Isaac's turn to touch the yucky stuff. He wasn't as big of a fan as Hannah.

He was begging for his hand to be cleaned. :-)

Hannah showing us her seeds that she is keeping. She seems to think we are planting these seeds. Ha!

Here is Hannah carving the pumpkin....she really enjoyed it.

Hannah worked so hard.

So hard that she got pumpkin guts in her hair! Ha!!

She wanted me to take a picture of her being scared of the jack-o-lantern.

Here are my sweet babies posing for a picture with their jack-o-lantern. Let's see if it gets thrown away before Christmas! ;-)

1st Grade School PIctures

This year I let Hannah pick out what she wanted to wear for school pictures and it was no surprise that she picked out a dress. My sweet girl loves her dresses. :-) We straightened her hair with the flat iron (by her request) and then we got her dressed. She looked so pretty...and grown up.

Isaac has become quite the camera hog....if I am taking pictures he is yelling for me to take one of him. He keeps me laughing. So I had to include the picture of Isaac and Hannah. Love these kids so much!

Smores with no campfire!

Call us weird if you want but it was too stinkin' hot outside to make smores over a real fire so Brian came up with the next best thing.....the fireplace!! Hannah was so excited to be making smores that she didn't even care that we were doing it in the living room. Ha! They had a really good time making them but it turns out Hannah doesn't like smores. I know I know...she must be crazy! However she still had a fun time with her Daddy.

Here they are roasting the marshmallows.
Isaac cared nothing about making the smores....or eating them. He just wanted his picture taken. My sweet boy!

In the process.....she was so proud of herself!

.....and TADA!!! Considering we made them in the fireplace they tasted really good! Maybe Hannah and Isaac will get the true experience someday of making smores over a camp fire.

Torturing Isaac!

There is no big story to tell other than I was loading the dishwasher and heard Isaac screaming in the living room while Hannah was laughing really hard. I couldn't tell if Isaac was screaming for help or screaming because he was having fun. I decided I better check things out. I walked around the corner and this is what I found:

Hannah had trapped her brother in his dirty clothes hamper! He was having so much fun! They played this for a long time. There is no better sound than my kids playing together and having a blast!

Sebastian County Fair

The first field trip of the year (for K-2nd anyway) is always the Sebastian County Fair that is held in Greenwood. Isaac & I went to meet Hannah's class there. It's kind of funny because the kids have only been in school less than a week so they don't really know each other very well. It seemed really quiet. Ha! The kids seemed to have a good time. Isaac got bored this year but I kept giving him goldfish and he was fine. :-) I didn't take too many pics but here are a few.

Hannah isn't real sure about the animals....she wouldn't touch any of them. She isn't really a "country girl". Me either.

Leah, Hannah & Deserae

They didn't really know each other yet but here are 2 of Hannah's friends. I hear about them all of the time now. :-) We went as a family to the fair a few night later but I failed to take my camera. The kids rode rides and had a really good time.

Where did the curls go???

Hannah has begged & begged me to straighten her hair. I told her God gave her beautiful curly hair and I didn't want to damage it by taking those beautiful curls away! She then reminded me that I damage my "beautiful" curls everyday. So I decided one Wednesday afternoon that I would straighten her hair before church. She was so excited she could hardly wait to take her shower so we could start on her hair. :-) It didn't take too long and she LOVED it. I have to admit, she looks really cute with straight hair!

Of course Hannah had to strike her own pose. Silly girl!
She looks a bit older with her hair fixed this way....not sure I am ready for her to grow up!

My Little Man

This isn't really a "special" occasion but I love these pics of my sweet boy so I wanted to share. I am loving staying home with him so much....he is just a happy boy who laughs a lot. :-)

Thank you God for giving me the opportunity to raise this little man! Give me the wisdom to train him the way You want me to!

The Outfit

This is the outfit Hannah was supposed to wear her first day of 1st Grade but The Childrens Place forgot to remove the security tags. So I wanted to post some pics of the real "1st Day of School" outfit....even though she had to wear it on day #2. Ha!
This is her "pose"....she cracks me up!

Hannah is loving 1st grade so much.