Thursday, October 14, 2010

Sebastian County Fair

The first field trip of the year (for K-2nd anyway) is always the Sebastian County Fair that is held in Greenwood. Isaac & I went to meet Hannah's class there. It's kind of funny because the kids have only been in school less than a week so they don't really know each other very well. It seemed really quiet. Ha! The kids seemed to have a good time. Isaac got bored this year but I kept giving him goldfish and he was fine. :-) I didn't take too many pics but here are a few.

Hannah isn't real sure about the animals....she wouldn't touch any of them. She isn't really a "country girl". Me either.

Leah, Hannah & Deserae

They didn't really know each other yet but here are 2 of Hannah's friends. I hear about them all of the time now. :-) We went as a family to the fair a few night later but I failed to take my camera. The kids rode rides and had a really good time.

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