Thursday, October 14, 2010

Smores with no campfire!

Call us weird if you want but it was too stinkin' hot outside to make smores over a real fire so Brian came up with the next best thing.....the fireplace!! Hannah was so excited to be making smores that she didn't even care that we were doing it in the living room. Ha! They had a really good time making them but it turns out Hannah doesn't like smores. I know I know...she must be crazy! However she still had a fun time with her Daddy.

Here they are roasting the marshmallows.
Isaac cared nothing about making the smores....or eating them. He just wanted his picture taken. My sweet boy!

In the process.....she was so proud of herself!

.....and TADA!!! Considering we made them in the fireplace they tasted really good! Maybe Hannah and Isaac will get the true experience someday of making smores over a camp fire.

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