Thursday, October 14, 2010

Student of the Month!!

We were very proud to hear that our Hannah got Student of the Month for October! She was so excited to tell me last Friday when she got in the car that I was going to get to come eat breakfast with her at school! She eats breakfast at home every morning so this was such a treat for her. They did a neat little ceremony and made a big deal for the kids this year. It was really neat!

Ms. Hannah is getting her "Student of the Month" pin. She also got a magnet and pen.

Just a sweet smile from my smart girl!

Here is Hannah racing away from Mrs. Fox after getting her certificate. The stinker was so fast we couldn't snap the picture! Ha!

This is the picture of Kindergarten & 1st Grade Students of the Month that will appear in the Greenwood Democrat. Hannah's friends Megan Christianson, Lindsey Scogin & Abi Coston also were named Student of the can see Lindsey but Megan & Abi are behind the blond lady.

Finally got a picture of Hannah with her certificate.

Here is Hannah with her teacher Mrs. Watts. We love her so much and I know without a doubt that God placed Hannah in her class. We are honored to have Hannah in her care.
I'm so proud of my Student of the Month!!! Way to go Hannah!!!

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