Friday, April 23, 2010

Attempt at cake decorating

I decided this year that I wanted to try to make Isaac's birthday cake. He loves to play with any kind of ball so we decided to have a "ball" party. In my head I am thinking surely it will be easy enough to decorate. NOT! We are having family over but that is a pretty large group so I thought we would need a bigger cake than just the about I make a basketball too? =D The basketball was harder to decorate!! It doesn't look good at all but my little Isaac was so excited when I showed them to him. I just love my little glad simple things please him!
Below is the results. (Had to put the football in the one of the basketball because I had to take the focus off of the AWFUL basketball! =))

I am pretty proud of the football. It almost looks just like the

Now, cakes are decorated. All things are bought for cookout....can't wait to wake up and wish my little man "HAPPY 2ND BIRTHDAY BABY!". Time flies too fast.......

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Easter Morning

Hannah woke up this morning very excited to see if the Easter Bunny left her any goodies.....Isaac had no idea nor did her care about the chocolate. He was just so please that he had a new ball! And not just any ball.....a MICKEY MOUSE CLUBHOUSE BALL!!! =) Hannah was very please with her "Green Eggs and Ham" book as well....she loves reading to our family now and this was the book she has been talking about "needing". LOL I am so glad my kids are happy with simple things....I will enjoy this now because I know it will be very different in no time.

Look at that smile! This boy absolutely lights up my world with his smile and the way he runs up to me each morning, like he hasn't seen me in forever, and says "MOMMY!"

And this breath-taking gorgeous princess of mine has had my heart for the past 6 years. I could never have dreamed that I would have children this beautiful.....God amazes me with His blessings.

I am having a hard time finding my baby boy....he has turned into this little boy. Oh my, where has the time gone?

Here I am with my pride and joy......wishin' I had a picture with Brian too.

I have the best family ever....can't thank God enough for all he has done for me and given to me. Today at church Bro Ronnie talked about time. How we need to get our priorities in order and realize that we waste so much of our time! My time here on earth is so short.....I vow to spend more of my time making sure my kids know how much their daddy and I love them and, more importantly, how much our Heavenly Father loves them. God, please help me to teach your truths and ways to Hannah and Isaac so that when you knock on their hearts, they will ask you to "be the boss" of their life FOREVER!!!

Resurrection Rolls

I promise Isaac lives with us and took part in our Easter celebration.....he is just still too small to participate in these "big kid" activities! =D Hannah made Resurrection Rolls all by her onesies this year. She really had a blast and felt so big! We talked while she was making them about how they helped us to remember that Jesus may have been put in the tomb but he rose 3 days later! In fact she came home from school 3 days before Easter and told me that she had written in her journal at school the on Easter her family celebrates Jesus raising from the dead! I don't think I have ever been more proud of my daughter.....the fact that she KNOWS why we celebrate and she isn't afraid to share! I pray she remains bold in her love of Jesus.

Here she is showing off her awesome "tomb". (Yes, I told her not to completely cover the marshmallow....boy was I wrong! You should always cover the marshmallow....or it might not turn out just right. Oops!

I forgot to take a picture after they had baked....we were getting dinner together and so it just slipped my mind but she got the point and that was what it was all about! THANK YOU JESUS!!!

Easter Egg Time!

Hannah LOVES dying her easter eggs. When all of the easter stuff is being put on the shelves she begins asking when we are going to dye the eggs. This year I didn't let myself worry about the dye on the countertop....I just let her dye the eggs. She asked a few times for my help but for the most part, she did them. I picked Isaac up a few times and let him watch but he just wasn't the least bit interested. Here are just a few pictures of the fun she had:

(she had a hard time with waiting....she had to check the eggs every 10 seconds to see what color they were =))

And of course, I had to get one of her posing by the eggs.....she LOVES the camera!

TADA~!!!!!!! Hannah was so proud of her eggs....she kept all of the girly colors and put the others in Isaacs basket. She also decorated them with stickers....but I failed to get a picture of them in the baskets. She is such a good big sister.

Hannah's Easter Party

Hannah's kindergarten class had an Easter party and Isaac & I went to celebrate with her. They played some games and sang a sweet little bunny song. She has such a sweet class....several boys in her class refer to me as "Hannah Buzbee's mom". When they see me they say "Hi Hannah Buzbee's mom!!". Too cute! I will miss seeing those same faces next year. Below are just some pics I got while at the party. The first picture is of Hannah and Ms. Morgan. We love Ms. Morgan so much! She has been the perfect teacher for Hannah.....goes to remind me that God really does know what is best. I don't know why I still doubt at times!

From left to right: Gage, Lily, Hannah, (Hannah S. is peeking in from the back but is a little blurry?) and Abigail. Lily and Abigail have become some very good friends of Hannah's. She tells me at least one Lily story everyday and Abigail also goes to Kidmo with Hannah on Wednesday nights.....she just loves her friends so much! I hope she always has that much love for people.

From left to right: Brady, Kaylee & Hannah
Kaylee is the little girl that Hannah met the very first day of school and they were fast friends. They have called each other "best friend" since that day. I am anxious to see how this friendship blossoms thru the coming years....especially since Kaylee will be at Westwood and Hannah will be at East Point. Neither are happy with the fact they won't be together.

Here is Hannah and Jacob. Jacob was in Hannah's preschool class last year with Ms. Baker. She was very happy to have at least one person she knew in her they sit by each other. Too cute!

This one is just a fun one....caught Hannah off guard.

I love so much getting to be at her parties. I am very thankful to my husband for working so hard so that I can be home with my kids. I will never take this for granted. Thanks babe!! I LOVE YOU!!!