Friday, April 23, 2010

Attempt at cake decorating

I decided this year that I wanted to try to make Isaac's birthday cake. He loves to play with any kind of ball so we decided to have a "ball" party. In my head I am thinking surely it will be easy enough to decorate. NOT! We are having family over but that is a pretty large group so I thought we would need a bigger cake than just the about I make a basketball too? =D The basketball was harder to decorate!! It doesn't look good at all but my little Isaac was so excited when I showed them to him. I just love my little glad simple things please him!
Below is the results. (Had to put the football in the one of the basketball because I had to take the focus off of the AWFUL basketball! =))

I am pretty proud of the football. It almost looks just like the

Now, cakes are decorated. All things are bought for cookout....can't wait to wake up and wish my little man "HAPPY 2ND BIRTHDAY BABY!". Time flies too fast.......

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