Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Isaac Turns 2!!!!

I just can't believe my Isaac is 2 years old. It seems like just yesterday that I held him for the very first time.....looking down in his sweet face and amazed that, just like Hannah, he was so alert! I also remember feeling the excitement of Hannah coming in to meet him for the first time. She truly fell in love that day....and has loved him ever since. We all fell in love that day. I have to admit I was a little nervous about having a little boy but my goodness I just love him so much!
We started out his birthday with donuts from Julz Bakery....yummo! He liked that a lot. Then we all loaded in the car and went to Fantastic Sams for a birthday haircut! He has been getting haircuts since before he was a year old.....I wonder if he will ever not be terrified?? When we arrived home, daddy & I decided he needed his birthday present from us. His party was later that day but we felt it just wrong to make him wait all day! =D So we gave him his basketball goal. He was so excited.....he literally jumped up and down saying "yes! yes! yes!". Cracked me up!
Below is a picture of how the table looked for his party:

Here is his first shot with his basketball....I couldn't get him to stand still to take the picture. Ha!
My big sweet birthday boy!!!

He is going to be a star!!

Another action shot......

I didn't take any pictures during the birthday party (I was busy trying to keep everything flowing smoothly!) but we cooked out hot dogs, baked beans, potato salad & chips. Then had cake and ice cream. Poppy tooks lots of pics but I just haven't made it over there with my flashdrive to get them loaded. I hope to get tha done soon so I can update with pictures of him blowing candles out and opening his presents.
My sweet Isaac, I love you so much! I can't wait to see the awesome man you will become....I just know God has big plans for you!

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