Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Last Gymnastics Practice

Hannah has decided she wants a break from gymnastics. Wow, it makes me sad to even type those words! She has been in gymnastics since her 3rd birthday. I'm sure that is why I feel such sadness.....I remember my little 3 year old in her precious tiny leotard running all over the floor and having her meltdowns on the beam. She has grown so much in the past 3 years. She had perhaps the best practice she has ever had today. She was so proud of herself....almost as proud as I was of her!

Here she is getting all stretched out.

Here is her hand stand.....I remember when this was just a "donkey kick"!

Part 1 of her handstand bridge up.......

....and part 2, the landing.

Backbend.....wish I was still this flexible.

Waiting in line.....

This is Hannah and her teacher Mrs. Tammy

Mrs. Tammy has done wonders with Hannah. She pushed her and that is what Hannah needs. I have the secret hope that Hannah will want a break for a few months but will ask to continue with gymnastics.....but more than my hope, I want Hannah to find something she LOVES and pursue that will all her heart!

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