Tuesday, May 25, 2010

New Responsibilites

Yesterday we went to the library and signed up for the summer reading program. Hannah also gave the lady at the library her information to get her very own library card. She was a little disappointed that she didn't get the card in her hand yesterday. However, when I checked the mail today, there was her letter! So after I picked her up from school we went to the library so she could get her actual card. She was so proud of that card and she begged me to check out one more book (although we had already checked out 8 books yesterday) so she could use her card. =) Of course I couldn't tell her no. She checked out "Cooking with the Cat in the Hat".

Here she is proudly showing off her library card.

She is just being silly in this picture.....crazy girl. =)

Another proud shot of her card.

I hope she always has this love of books. She would sit and read all day long if she could. I'm so glad my kids love books.

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