Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!!

Hi, my name is Wendy and I am a Christmas addict.
Some say I have a real problem but I just love Christmas!! I am pretty sure I have passed my love of this holiday to my Hannah. We decided it was time to put up the trees. I don't host Thanksgiving celebrations at my house so what is the harm, right? We always go to both sets of parents on Thanksgiving. Anyway, we put the trees up Sunday night and decided to decorate them tonight. We have Mommy & Daddy's tree in the living room and Hannah & Isaac's tree in the dining room. Hannah and Isaac get to decorate their tree from top to bottom WITHOUT any help from Mom & Dad. She had so much fun! Isaac helped a little but not a whole lot. Then Hannah helped me decorate my tree.

As Isaac would say......TADA!!!

The kids finished product!!

The kids wanted pictures taken in front of the other tree too.

I can't believe how tall Hannah has gotten....I remember when she was much shorter and you could see almost all of the tree behind her. She is growing way too fast.
My silly boy making silly faces.

Happy Thanksgiving and an early Merry Christmas to all!!!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Halloween 2010

WONDER WOMAN!!! To my surprise Hannah decided she wanted to be Wonder Woman this year.....we sprayed her hair black (not a mistake we will make again!) and she looked great! Brian even fixed her up with a Laso of Truth! She had so much fun!

Isaac was Mario....and DID NOT want his picture taken. He didn't want to wear his hat....he didn't want the mustache drawn on. I practically had to hold him down while his dad drew with my eyeliner. He ended up looking soooo cute and kept his hat on but not until the camera was put away. He is so silly.

We went to our churchs Fall Festival but it was crazy and I didn't get many pictures. Hannah left with her friend Emily A. and went to Sonic to get a free hotdog and coke! She then went trick-or-treating with her and had a blast. We picked her up after the Fall Festival and took the kids trick-or-treating in our neighborhood. Crazy! All in all, we had a wonderful Halloween!

1st Grade Halloween Party

This was our first classroom party of the new school year. Hannah was very excited! They got back to the classroom a little early so Mrs. Watts read them a story while we waited for the other parents to arrive.

The kids got to go to their desks where a treat bag awaited them! They had a blast looking thru all of the candy they were getting, as well as the little toys. They also felt very big because they got to go to the "goodies" table and only put on their plate what they wanted. They were so cute being "big kids" and fixing their own plates. In the picture below Ms. Hannah is enjoying her cupcake.

Align Center
After all the kids had fixed their plates, I let Isaac pick out a cookie and he sat in a big chair and ate it up! He looked like he had gotten in a fight with the cookie and the cookie won! Ha!

Just another picture of my sweet Hannah showing me the pumpkin she picked out at the United Methodist Church Pumpkim Patch. The kids had taken a field trip there earlier that week. One of the fun things they did at the party was to decorate their own little pumpkins. What a great idea!

After Isaac had his cookie & juice he went to the mat and laid down. He cracks me up! He just rolled around and around.

He ended up on the carpet where stories are read. He just laid there for a while. :-) Silly Boy!

Hannah decorating her pumpkin.......

The girls taking a break from decorating to socialize, of course!
Hannah & Emilee W.
....shhhh, let me tell you a secret.....

hahahaha Aren't we funny Mom?!?

Hannah & Ava (still doing the crazy bunny ears thing)

Finally! The finished product.....Hannah's decorated pumpkin! You can't really see it too well but she drew on it with crayons and her dry erase marker. You can see the face better in person.

Hannah & Desiree
(Hannah usually towers over everyone in her class but this year there are 4 people taller than her!)

I lost Isaac at one point during the party.....I found him playing with the clock at the front of the class. He loved this clock!

After playing a bit, Isaac stood in front of Hannah's desk and ate her food while she did a little more decorating on the pumpkin.

Now for a group shot! I wish I could remember all of these sweet little faces but I know by the end of the year I will be able to name them all off! Here is Hannah with many of her new little friends.

And last but certainly not least....the wonderful Mrs Watts!!! She is a treasure! Hannah adores her....and so do Brian and I!

I guess "bunny ears" are extremely funny in the 1st grade because the kids thought it would be hilarious to put "bunny ears" on Mrs. Watts.....silly kids!

I don't know the little boy on the left's name but the taller one is Bry.....and Hannah in the middle.

Hannah trying to collect Isaac so we could help clean up the classroom and leave....he had a blast and didn't want to go!

Mrs. Watts did an amazing job getting this party planned and I was so happy to get to help her set up and clean up. This is by far one of the funnest parts of my "stay at home mom" job! I love being in Hannah's classroom and getting to build a relationship with her friends and teacher. I look forward to the time I get to do this for Hannah and Isaac!

Fall PTO Program

East Pointe Fall PTO program was performed by the Kindergarten and 1st grade. They did a great job! There were so many different costume and the kids seemed to have a fabulous time. Hannah's class sang "Dem Whacky Bones" so she was supposed to dress up as a skeleton. All we could find was this skeleton shirt but she was very happy with it.
Here is Hannah and two of her friends, Kennedy & Abi
More friends: Kennedy, Hannah and Emily A.

Hannah & Emily A.

Here is my Hannah during her performace....they got to make the "bones" sound with drumsticks...she thought it was cool that they were the only ones who got to use drumsticks.

They did a great job. On a side note, Isaac was wonderful! He sat and watched the entire program quietly. Made this momma proud!

The Transformation

Several Christmas' ago Nan & Pop got Hannah this Barbie jeep.....but she has since outgrown the it. She is WAY too tall to drive it. However, Isaac is loving driving the jeep.....even though it is pink & purple. Ha! Brian decided he could paint the jeep a more "manly" color. Guess what? He did a great job! :-) And he had help from his favorite little girl, Hannah. She loves so much to help her daddy do things....this was a sweet time for them.

TADA!!!! Here is the finished product......Camo Jeep!!

I am very thankful for a husband who loves his kids and wants to spend time with them....he is such a good man! Love you Honey!!