Thursday, November 4, 2010

Fall PTO Program

East Pointe Fall PTO program was performed by the Kindergarten and 1st grade. They did a great job! There were so many different costume and the kids seemed to have a fabulous time. Hannah's class sang "Dem Whacky Bones" so she was supposed to dress up as a skeleton. All we could find was this skeleton shirt but she was very happy with it.
Here is Hannah and two of her friends, Kennedy & Abi
More friends: Kennedy, Hannah and Emily A.

Hannah & Emily A.

Here is my Hannah during her performace....they got to make the "bones" sound with drumsticks...she thought it was cool that they were the only ones who got to use drumsticks.

They did a great job. On a side note, Isaac was wonderful! He sat and watched the entire program quietly. Made this momma proud!

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