Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Shooting Lessons

Yes, the mere mention of my children with guns makes me a little uneasy. But Brian wanted to BB Gun to teach Hannah how to shoot. So this is what we did for just a little while tonight. I got to watch as my kids shot at the tree in the backyard. Hannah had a blast. She actually shot the tree twice.

How scary does this look?!?!?

There was no way Isaac was going to be left out....so here he goes! With his tongue out, of course.....and in his underwear! Only in Greenwood is this ok. :-)

His eyes got real big when the bb fired.....wish I could have captured his facial expression.
I'm sure this is the beginning of a wonderful relationship with the BB Gun. Thanks Dad!!

Sick Day

Monday I was sick......I mean sick! I am pretty sure I caught the stomach bug that has gone around because I was only sick for about 24 hours but it was HORRIBLE! However, I have an amazing husband that told me to go back to bed and took the role of "stay-at-home dad" for the day. I am blessed.
When Hannah got home from school she had written me a note:

How amazing is that???? It made me feel better. Then she made me several crafts to help me feel better too. She is so precious!

She said she didn't put "I love you Mom" because she found a purple E and just HAD to use it! She makes me so happy.
I am so thankful for my family....they made it easy to not feel guilty about being sick in bed.

Big Move to Paris......Arkansas

My parents will be making a big move next week.....to Paris, AR. My dad has been Pastor at Zion Baptist Church in Roland, OK for 23 years (with a 2 year "break" while he pastored in Jonesboro, AR). You accumulate a bunch of stuff when you live somewhere for 23 years. Anyway, Bethel Baptist Church has called my dad to be their pastor and after prayerful consideration, he accepted. This was a hard decision. I have always said that I sure don't envy the decisions a pastor has to make! This past Friday my parents asked me and Isaac to go with them to look at the parsonage. We (ok I) was very excited.
Here is Isaac before we left....his new smile cracks me up!

This is how Isaac spent most of his time....watching Toy Story 3 on his portable DVD player.

Here is Mom & Dad talking to their new friends, Becky & Bud. They seem so very nice and so ready to take care of my parents.....this makes my heart smile.
Every Christmas we are crammed into the living room at Mom & Dads house in Roland. One of the things I love best about their new house is this HUGE den! We won't know what to do at Christmas! We could each have our own corner. Ok...so the picture doesn't make it look super huge but it really it!

Here is the new kitchen....with LOTS of cabinet space!

And here are Mom & Dad standing on the porch of their super cute house!

I am very excited to see what God has in store for Bethel Baptist Church. I'm also happy that He is using my dad. Bethel has already done so much for my parents and they aren't even there yet! Thank you Lord for this amazing group of people.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Snow Day!

January 10th was Hannah's first Snow Day....NO SCHOOL!! We didn't get much snow but the roads were pretty yucky. Hannah had a good time going outside and playing in the snow but she only lasted about 30 minutes. She came in a her hands were frozen. I took pictures thru the window (it was WAY too cold for me to go outside).

Her dad took the day off too and was cleaning out the garage while Hannah played in the snow. I had to keep Isaac inside because he was still getting over an ear infection. Here's to hoping we get NO MORE snow!

Upward Begins

It's Upward time again! We are doing something different this year.....Hannah is playing basketball! She was a cheerleader last year and I had so much fun being her coach. When she told me she wanted to play basketball this year I wasn't sure what to expect. After the first game I figured out we needed to work with her and explain the entire game of basketball. Her wonderful daddy spend the entire weekend practicing with her and telling her everything she needed to know. He is a great dad!
Here she is before we left for her first game:

One of our only action shot during the game.
And here is the other action shot.
I spend most of the game trying to direct her where to go from the bleachers. Poor thing...I was really embarrassed for her. We had our second game today and the difference was like night and day. She did awesome and so did her team! She took a shot but barely missed it. I think it was just the first-game jitters.
Go Upward!!

Christmas Day

Christmas morning finally came! Isaac woke up first and then we woke Hannah up. They both ran in to the living room to see what Santa left and Isaac found......GRAPES! Yes! Exactly what he had asked Santa for. :-) He had the bag gone by breakfast time. ha!

Hannah must have been a good girl because Santa left her what she asked for too. Toothpaste and......

a Taylor Swift barbie doll!

Isaac also got some cars and trucks in his stocking.

Santa also left Isaac this Tonka truck....he is so cute pushing it around the house.

Hannah got Connect 4! That's good because the Buzbees love to play games!

We do 3 gifts per child every Christmas. Their gold gift is what they want the most (and usually their most expensive gift). Frankencense is their gift that helps them grow in their relationship with Jesus and their Myrrh gift is usually clothes.
Hannah's gold gift was her easel and all the accessories to go with is.

Isaac's gold gift was his Stinky the Garbage Truck. We love this thing....he is so funny!

Hannah's frankencense gift was a new bible (The Adventure Bible for Early Readers - it is purple withe her name on the front!) and a one year devotional book for girls. Here she is reading a bible verse to us.

Isaac's frankencense gift was several Veggie Tales puzzles and a Veggie Tale sticker book that tells the story of creation. I didn't get a picture of him opening it...how terrible is that!
I also didn't get pics of them opening their Myrrh gifts either. Will have to do better next year! They both got clothes for Myrrh.

Here is Isaac writing on Hannah's easel...thinking no one sees him! Ha! Too cute!

We went to Brian's sisters house for breakfast and Christmas with his side of the family. We stayed there until noon then headed to my parents house. The kids go sooooo many things! God blessed us this year. We played games at mom and dads and the kids played together. It wore Isaac out! All the kids were sitting in the living room watching someone play the Wii and Isaac fell asleep. Oh how I love this sweet baby boy!

And this is where we end our Christmas day....we got in the car and went home. The kids were exhausted but had such a good day.

Christmas Eve

We had a wonderful Christmas Eve. Brian stayed home from work and we just had a family day. Brian and Isaac played games on the Wii while Hannah and I baked cookies, made chocolate covered pretzels and several other things. We also let the kids open their presents from each other.
Here is Isaac (with Hannah's help) opening his gift from Hannah.

It as a t-rex dinosaur and Toy Story 3 matching game. He was so excited!

Here is Mrs. Hannah opening her gift from Isaac.

She got a Barbie Doggy Salon.

Isaac is still checkin' out his dinosaur....it roars and chomps.
At 6:30 we went to our Christmas Eve Candlelight Service at church. This is always such a neat time....the kids sit out with us. This year was a little different because Brian worked the sound so Hannah sat upstairs with him while Isaac and I sat downstairs. It was packed! We had to sit almost at the front. It was a neat service.
After church, we came home and got in our pj's. We all went out and threw the reindeer food in the front yard so Rudolph would know where to come. We then came inside and Hannah read to us the Christmas story from Luke 2. She did so good....I'm so glad she can read now. Maybe it will mean more to her.

Here is Isaac....ready to hear the Christmas story.

Hannah is showing us the bible she read from as she stands beside Santa's plate of cookies. She decorated the tv tray with "confetti" she had made for Santa. Boy was that a mess but she loved that she got to leave something for Santa.
Here are both of my sweet babies....love them so much!

The kids went to bed at 8:30 and we didn't hear a peep from them. Brian and I went to bed about 10. I had just gotten comfortable in bed when I hear Hannah come in our room. She says "Is it time to see what Santa left?????" I just laughed. She had a hard time going back to sleep but she finally did. Sweet girl. I remember how hard that was.

Spoiled Boy!

There isn't much to say about these pictures.....they really speak for themselves. All I can say is that this boy sure loves this girl, and this girl sure loves & spoils this boy......most of the time. :-)

I pray they are close as they grow up and love each other more with every passing day.

Decorating our Gingerbread House

For the first time this year we got a gingerbread house for Hannah to decorate. She had decorated a gingerbread house while in Mrs. Baker's preschool class but we have never done one at home. Isaac is still a little young to be able to do this so I let Hannah decorate it while he took a nap. She had a blast! I sat there with her while she did all the decorating.

I love this sweet smile so much!

Boy she worked hard placing those tiny candies....she wanted them to be in a pattern.

Here is one side done! :-)

Is anyone surprised we had to put a peace sign on our house? I'm sure not! Ha!
She was quite proud of her peace sign.

Tada!!! The finished product. I think we will get 2 next year and let Isaac decorate his own!

I love getting to stay home with my kids and make these sweet memories....I hope she never forgets.