Saturday, January 15, 2011

Upward Begins

It's Upward time again! We are doing something different this year.....Hannah is playing basketball! She was a cheerleader last year and I had so much fun being her coach. When she told me she wanted to play basketball this year I wasn't sure what to expect. After the first game I figured out we needed to work with her and explain the entire game of basketball. Her wonderful daddy spend the entire weekend practicing with her and telling her everything she needed to know. He is a great dad!
Here she is before we left for her first game:

One of our only action shot during the game.
And here is the other action shot.
I spend most of the game trying to direct her where to go from the bleachers. Poor thing...I was really embarrassed for her. We had our second game today and the difference was like night and day. She did awesome and so did her team! She took a shot but barely missed it. I think it was just the first-game jitters.
Go Upward!!

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  1. I am proud of her! It is scary sometimes learning new stuff. She has the height to make a great player! :)