Tuesday, December 21, 2010

~Christmas Picture~

I feel terrible......Hannah is 6 years old and this is the first year since she was born that we didn't take a Christmas picture and send it out as our Christmas card. I don't know what it is about this year but I just couldn't get my ducks in a row. Anyway, here are my sweet kids in their Christmas outfits. Thanks Nan!!!

1st Grade Christmas Breakfast

Hannah's Christmas party at school was a breakfast....what a great idea! Sugar the kids up and leave them at school! ha! The had quite the spread for breakfast.....powdered donuts, christmas cookies and some fruit. Oh yeah, and Capri Suns to drink! :-) The kids had a blast. Mrs. Watts gave them each a gift (a stuffed reindeer with christmas activity book) and they performed Silent Night in sign language for us. Too precious! The kids seemed to have a great time.

Mrs. Hannah getting her breakfast....
......eating breakfast.....

Isaac got some food too....he loves getting to go to Hannah's parties.

....eating more of her breakfast.....

Here are some pics of the kids doing sign language.

Showing off her gift from Mrs. Watts.
Hannah and Ava
Hannah and Desarae

Ava, Desarae and Hannah (and Isaac wanted in bad!)
The girls are so sweet to pose with Isaac. Hannah has some really sweet friends!
Hannah and Isaac had such a good time at the Christmas party. And of course the kids are soooo excited that this was their last day of school for 2 weeks!!!! Let the fun begin!

Cookin' Up Christmas

I have been so impressed with our Childrens Choir this year at First Baptist. They have worked so so so hard on this Christmas program and you can certainly tell. They did an amazing job! There are a little over 50 kids in the choir and they just sang their hearts out for Jesus! These pictures are dark and a little blurry but they are all I could get.

I am so thankful to have a daughter who loves so much to sing about Jesus! And thanks to Mrs. Raydell Barbry and all her helpers for the work they put in to our little Treble Makers!

Santa's Open House

Every year a wonderful couple, Bill & Pat Fant, host Santa's Open House. They have Santa come to their house and invite several kids to come see him there. They serve snacks and drinks as well. They are amazing for doing this every year. Hannah begins checking the mail after Thanksgiving for their invitation. She looks forward to this every year.
Isaac totally surprised me when Santa walked thru the front door. He ran up to him and gave him a big hug. Every time before now that he has seen Santa, he runs back to me and buries his head in my lap/leg. Here is Isaac with Santa....shockingly enough, he climbed right up in his lap and said he wants grapes for Christmas. Yes, my silly boy only wants grapes. :-)
He was trying so hard to get down because he wanted to sit on the little santa stool Mrs. Pat had in the room....silly boy!

Hannah loves getting to see friends that she hasn't seen in quite a while.

Makinley, Madison, Hannah and Ryan

The kids always climb the stairs and then slide down on their bottoms. :-) Isaac LOVES this game!

Hannah told Santa that she wants a Taylor Swift barbie doll this year for Christmas. Pretty short list!

Here are my sweet kids smiling with Santa! :-)

A Christmas Carol.....Revisted

This year First Baptist put on a huge Christmas play called "A Christmas Carol....Revisted". It was the coolest thing! They put a twist to the original adding the true meaning of Christmas.....Jesus! I was absolutely blown away by the talent in our church. They changed the area in front of the Perfoming Arts Center to look like a Dickens village. They had carts that had cookies and hot chocolate. Hannah was asked to be a caroler out front. She was soooo excited. Nan made Hannah's beautiful dress and cape. She had such a blast!