Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Santa's Open House

Every year a wonderful couple, Bill & Pat Fant, host Santa's Open House. They have Santa come to their house and invite several kids to come see him there. They serve snacks and drinks as well. They are amazing for doing this every year. Hannah begins checking the mail after Thanksgiving for their invitation. She looks forward to this every year.
Isaac totally surprised me when Santa walked thru the front door. He ran up to him and gave him a big hug. Every time before now that he has seen Santa, he runs back to me and buries his head in my lap/leg. Here is Isaac with Santa....shockingly enough, he climbed right up in his lap and said he wants grapes for Christmas. Yes, my silly boy only wants grapes. :-)
He was trying so hard to get down because he wanted to sit on the little santa stool Mrs. Pat had in the room....silly boy!

Hannah loves getting to see friends that she hasn't seen in quite a while.

Makinley, Madison, Hannah and Ryan

The kids always climb the stairs and then slide down on their bottoms. :-) Isaac LOVES this game!

Hannah told Santa that she wants a Taylor Swift barbie doll this year for Christmas. Pretty short list!

Here are my sweet kids smiling with Santa! :-)

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