Tuesday, December 21, 2010

1st Grade Christmas Breakfast

Hannah's Christmas party at school was a breakfast....what a great idea! Sugar the kids up and leave them at school! ha! The had quite the spread for breakfast.....powdered donuts, christmas cookies and some fruit. Oh yeah, and Capri Suns to drink! :-) The kids had a blast. Mrs. Watts gave them each a gift (a stuffed reindeer with christmas activity book) and they performed Silent Night in sign language for us. Too precious! The kids seemed to have a great time.

Mrs. Hannah getting her breakfast....
......eating breakfast.....

Isaac got some food too....he loves getting to go to Hannah's parties.

....eating more of her breakfast.....

Here are some pics of the kids doing sign language.

Showing off her gift from Mrs. Watts.
Hannah and Ava
Hannah and Desarae

Ava, Desarae and Hannah (and Isaac wanted in bad!)
The girls are so sweet to pose with Isaac. Hannah has some really sweet friends!
Hannah and Isaac had such a good time at the Christmas party. And of course the kids are soooo excited that this was their last day of school for 2 weeks!!!! Let the fun begin!

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