Saturday, January 15, 2011

Decorating our Gingerbread House

For the first time this year we got a gingerbread house for Hannah to decorate. She had decorated a gingerbread house while in Mrs. Baker's preschool class but we have never done one at home. Isaac is still a little young to be able to do this so I let Hannah decorate it while he took a nap. She had a blast! I sat there with her while she did all the decorating.

I love this sweet smile so much!

Boy she worked hard placing those tiny candies....she wanted them to be in a pattern.

Here is one side done! :-)

Is anyone surprised we had to put a peace sign on our house? I'm sure not! Ha!
She was quite proud of her peace sign.

Tada!!! The finished product. I think we will get 2 next year and let Isaac decorate his own!

I love getting to stay home with my kids and make these sweet memories....I hope she never forgets.

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