Saturday, January 15, 2011

Christmas Day

Christmas morning finally came! Isaac woke up first and then we woke Hannah up. They both ran in to the living room to see what Santa left and Isaac found......GRAPES! Yes! Exactly what he had asked Santa for. :-) He had the bag gone by breakfast time. ha!

Hannah must have been a good girl because Santa left her what she asked for too. Toothpaste and......

a Taylor Swift barbie doll!

Isaac also got some cars and trucks in his stocking.

Santa also left Isaac this Tonka truck....he is so cute pushing it around the house.

Hannah got Connect 4! That's good because the Buzbees love to play games!

We do 3 gifts per child every Christmas. Their gold gift is what they want the most (and usually their most expensive gift). Frankencense is their gift that helps them grow in their relationship with Jesus and their Myrrh gift is usually clothes.
Hannah's gold gift was her easel and all the accessories to go with is.

Isaac's gold gift was his Stinky the Garbage Truck. We love this thing....he is so funny!

Hannah's frankencense gift was a new bible (The Adventure Bible for Early Readers - it is purple withe her name on the front!) and a one year devotional book for girls. Here she is reading a bible verse to us.

Isaac's frankencense gift was several Veggie Tales puzzles and a Veggie Tale sticker book that tells the story of creation. I didn't get a picture of him opening terrible is that!
I also didn't get pics of them opening their Myrrh gifts either. Will have to do better next year! They both got clothes for Myrrh.

Here is Isaac writing on Hannah's easel...thinking no one sees him! Ha! Too cute!

We went to Brian's sisters house for breakfast and Christmas with his side of the family. We stayed there until noon then headed to my parents house. The kids go sooooo many things! God blessed us this year. We played games at mom and dads and the kids played together. It wore Isaac out! All the kids were sitting in the living room watching someone play the Wii and Isaac fell asleep. Oh how I love this sweet baby boy!

And this is where we end our Christmas day....we got in the car and went home. The kids were exhausted but had such a good day.

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