Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Big Move to Paris......Arkansas

My parents will be making a big move next week.....to Paris, AR. My dad has been Pastor at Zion Baptist Church in Roland, OK for 23 years (with a 2 year "break" while he pastored in Jonesboro, AR). You accumulate a bunch of stuff when you live somewhere for 23 years. Anyway, Bethel Baptist Church has called my dad to be their pastor and after prayerful consideration, he accepted. This was a hard decision. I have always said that I sure don't envy the decisions a pastor has to make! This past Friday my parents asked me and Isaac to go with them to look at the parsonage. We (ok I) was very excited.
Here is Isaac before we left....his new smile cracks me up!

This is how Isaac spent most of his time....watching Toy Story 3 on his portable DVD player.

Here is Mom & Dad talking to their new friends, Becky & Bud. They seem so very nice and so ready to take care of my parents.....this makes my heart smile.
Every Christmas we are crammed into the living room at Mom & Dads house in Roland. One of the things I love best about their new house is this HUGE den! We won't know what to do at Christmas! We could each have our own corner. Ok...so the picture doesn't make it look super huge but it really it!

Here is the new kitchen....with LOTS of cabinet space!

And here are Mom & Dad standing on the porch of their super cute house!

I am very excited to see what God has in store for Bethel Baptist Church. I'm also happy that He is using my dad. Bethel has already done so much for my parents and they aren't even there yet! Thank you Lord for this amazing group of people.

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