Saturday, January 15, 2011

Christmas Eve

We had a wonderful Christmas Eve. Brian stayed home from work and we just had a family day. Brian and Isaac played games on the Wii while Hannah and I baked cookies, made chocolate covered pretzels and several other things. We also let the kids open their presents from each other.
Here is Isaac (with Hannah's help) opening his gift from Hannah.

It as a t-rex dinosaur and Toy Story 3 matching game. He was so excited!

Here is Mrs. Hannah opening her gift from Isaac.

She got a Barbie Doggy Salon.

Isaac is still checkin' out his roars and chomps.
At 6:30 we went to our Christmas Eve Candlelight Service at church. This is always such a neat time....the kids sit out with us. This year was a little different because Brian worked the sound so Hannah sat upstairs with him while Isaac and I sat downstairs. It was packed! We had to sit almost at the front. It was a neat service.
After church, we came home and got in our pj's. We all went out and threw the reindeer food in the front yard so Rudolph would know where to come. We then came inside and Hannah read to us the Christmas story from Luke 2. She did so good....I'm so glad she can read now. Maybe it will mean more to her.

Here is Isaac....ready to hear the Christmas story.

Hannah is showing us the bible she read from as she stands beside Santa's plate of cookies. She decorated the tv tray with "confetti" she had made for Santa. Boy was that a mess but she loved that she got to leave something for Santa.
Here are both of my sweet them so much!

The kids went to bed at 8:30 and we didn't hear a peep from them. Brian and I went to bed about 10. I had just gotten comfortable in bed when I hear Hannah come in our room. She says "Is it time to see what Santa left?????" I just laughed. She had a hard time going back to sleep but she finally did. Sweet girl. I remember how hard that was.

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