Sunday, April 11, 2010

Easter Morning

Hannah woke up this morning very excited to see if the Easter Bunny left her any goodies.....Isaac had no idea nor did her care about the chocolate. He was just so please that he had a new ball! And not just any ball.....a MICKEY MOUSE CLUBHOUSE BALL!!! =) Hannah was very please with her "Green Eggs and Ham" book as well....she loves reading to our family now and this was the book she has been talking about "needing". LOL I am so glad my kids are happy with simple things....I will enjoy this now because I know it will be very different in no time.

Look at that smile! This boy absolutely lights up my world with his smile and the way he runs up to me each morning, like he hasn't seen me in forever, and says "MOMMY!"

And this breath-taking gorgeous princess of mine has had my heart for the past 6 years. I could never have dreamed that I would have children this beautiful.....God amazes me with His blessings.

I am having a hard time finding my baby boy....he has turned into this little boy. Oh my, where has the time gone?

Here I am with my pride and joy......wishin' I had a picture with Brian too.

I have the best family ever....can't thank God enough for all he has done for me and given to me. Today at church Bro Ronnie talked about time. How we need to get our priorities in order and realize that we waste so much of our time! My time here on earth is so short.....I vow to spend more of my time making sure my kids know how much their daddy and I love them and, more importantly, how much our Heavenly Father loves them. God, please help me to teach your truths and ways to Hannah and Isaac so that when you knock on their hearts, they will ask you to "be the boss" of their life FOREVER!!!

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