Sunday, April 11, 2010

Resurrection Rolls

I promise Isaac lives with us and took part in our Easter celebration.....he is just still too small to participate in these "big kid" activities! =D Hannah made Resurrection Rolls all by her onesies this year. She really had a blast and felt so big! We talked while she was making them about how they helped us to remember that Jesus may have been put in the tomb but he rose 3 days later! In fact she came home from school 3 days before Easter and told me that she had written in her journal at school the on Easter her family celebrates Jesus raising from the dead! I don't think I have ever been more proud of my daughter.....the fact that she KNOWS why we celebrate and she isn't afraid to share! I pray she remains bold in her love of Jesus.

Here she is showing off her awesome "tomb". (Yes, I told her not to completely cover the marshmallow....boy was I wrong! You should always cover the marshmallow....or it might not turn out just right. Oops!

I forgot to take a picture after they had baked....we were getting dinner together and so it just slipped my mind but she got the point and that was what it was all about! THANK YOU JESUS!!!

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