Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Mini Vacation - Branson

It's summer! What does summer mean for the Buzbee family?!? Branson, of course!!!

We started our mini vacation by driving just outside of Springfield for lunch at Godfathers Pizza.

Godfathers Pizza is Brians most favorite place to eat in the whole world.

Brian and his girl

But Isaac wasn't going to be left out!

After lunch we drove to a drive-thru safari a little further down the road. The kids seemed to enjoy it. I forgot to take any pictures because I was worried about our car the whole time! I'm not so much an animal person.

On Friday we ate breakfast and then played at the Grand Country Fun Spot until the waterpark opened. Isaac would play this bowling game ALL DAY if we would let him. He loves it!

Next, we went to the indoor waterpark. This is just the best thing for us....we don't have to worry about sunburns. The kids love this waterpark even more than Brian and I do! I love that Hannah can pretty much run around and do what she wants to do while Brian floats the lazy river and I watch Isaac play in the kiddie area.

Here is Isaac playing at the outdoor section of the park. He really liked the frog slide.

One of the many things I love about my Hannah is that she can make friends anywhere she goes! She and this little girl started going down the slides together and played until it was time for the other girl to leave. It was fun for Hannah.

After the waterpark, we went to the Dixie Stampede. Neither Brian nor myself had ever been but it was great! Totally worth the money and even Isaac loved it. We had a really good time.
That evening we went to get some frozen custard at Andy's. The best!!! We got to watching the Ozark Sky Coaster and then Isaac decided he wanted to ride some of the little rides. The one he chose was the ferris wheel. They only loaded one kid on each time and it went around forever. By the end of Isaac's ride he was yelling at the guy to "let me out!". Ha! I laughed really hard.

On Saturday we did a tiny bit of shopping, went to an Imax (Tornado Alley) which Isaac sat thru great, and then headed home. It was a fun mini vacation and I have been informed we will be taking another one before school starts. We better eat it up while the kids are small enough to enjoy Branson!

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