Thursday, March 24, 2011

Oh the things parents do....

....while potty training their son. Isaac has been "pee-pee" trained for quite some time now. However, he refuses to go pooh in the potty. I don't understand....and quite frankly, it frustrates me so very much! Anyway, he pooped in the potty yesterday!!!! Yay for Isaac!! To reward him for his efforts (and to encourage this continued action) we took him and Hannah to Chuck E Cheese last night. There were no activites at church due to Spring Break so it actually happened at the perfect wasn't croweded! When the lady was stamping our hand as we went in, Isaac looked at her and as loud as he possibly could yelled "I got my big poo-pooh's out!!" He was so very proud! :-)
This picture is terrible but it is the only one I got of the two of them....they were in total different directions the whole evening.

Hannah enjoyed very much Isaac's reward. :-)

Riding with Bob the Builder
Hannah concentrated so hard while she was racing....hope she concentrates this much when she is learning to drive!

Isaac LOVES to play ball....this was his favorite game!

Hannah & Isaac were riding some ride and just laughing so hard....I love them enjoying each other.

Yay! Daddy finally got there and played some games with Isaac.

Overall we had a great time! The kids (and Dad!) used around 130 tokens and we ate some pizza. I only hope and pray we are lucky enough to get to take this trip again another reward for continued success!!!

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