Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Branson Vacation Day 2

Day #2.....luckily there wasn't any unplanned excitement today. We woke up, ate breakfast at the Grand Country Buffet and then headed back to Silver Dollar City. We didn't take my camera in today because it was SO heavy the day before. Therefore, there aren't many pictures because the camera on my phone won't zoom in. Anyway, we rode all of the rides we rode the day before. While Hannah and Brian rode the swings I took the time to look at the map of Silver Dollar City and found the rides that are more Isaac's size. The following pictures were taken with my phone because I was able to basically stand right there and take them very close. I love that Hannah wanted to ride these with him.....they have such a wonderful relationship.

They had a great time together on these rides. The only problem we had was Isaac wanting to go "again, Mommy, again!". :-)
After we left Silver Dollar City (and Brian upgrading our tickets to Season Passes so we can bring the kids back in December) we came back to the motel so Isaac could take a nap. Hannah and Brian put their swim gear on and took off to the in-door waterpark. I tell you we have sure gotten our moneys worth regarding the waterpark. Hannah has had a blast. After Isaac napped, we went to the Olive Garden to eat and then returned to play some more at the waterpark. Isaac is really scared of the in-door part (there is a HUGE bucket that dumps water every 5 minutes or so and is extremely loud) but loves the toddler pool outside. So that is where we spend our time with him. Brian and I take turns playing inside with Hannah. We were all exhausted within a few hours, took showers & went to bed. Gotta get rested up for Day 3!

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