Friday, June 4, 2010

Mountain Harbor/Lake Quachita Trip

Earlier this week we were invited to go with Tonya, Emily & Bethany Alford to celebrate Emily's 6th birthday. Tonya's mom lives at Mountain Harbor on Lake Quachita, right outside of Mt. Ida and, for her birthday, Emily wanted to take Hannah to her DeeDee's house and the lake. We left Monday afternoon and just hung out. We went to Pawpaw Rickey & DeeDee's for dinner and then went to bed. Tuesday we got a pontoon boat and went out on the water. I love being out on the boat.....Hannah loved getting in the lake and swimming. Not me. I don't get in the lake but had fun watching her have so much fun. Isaac didn't want to get in the lake with Mrs. Tonya and since I wasn't getting in, he had to chill in the boat with me. =) He "drove" it and had a blast doing that.

Later that evening we had Emily's birthday party with their family at the park. The kids were dripping in sweat after just a few was HOT! They had a good time anyway.

Well, that was our trip to Mountian Harbor & Lake Quachita. We had a good time. I didn't take my camera and only got these few pictures with my phone. This weekend we are going to Tenkiller with some other friends.....I am going to be sure and take my camera this time!

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