Sunday, June 20, 2010

Leonor Carrasco

I would like to introduce you to the newest "memeber" of the Buzbee family - Leonor Carrasco from Bolivia, South America. We had a guest speaker today names Jimmy Sites and he works with Compassion International. Wow! He did an amazing job. I have wanted to sponsor a child for several years but never made the "leap". I was so convicted today to pick out a child that I could hardly stand it! God made it so clear to me! So after Life Group, Brian went and got Hannah and we met as a family (with Isaac too!) to pick out our child.
Hannah picked out Leonor because they share something....their birthday! Leonor was also born on February 5th, just two years after Hannah. She is 4 years old. This is about all we know at this point but are so excited to write her a letter this week and send to her along with a picture of her sponsoring family. I can't explain to you the peace I have about this. Yes, we will be sacrificing some things BUT is it really a sacrifice when God will bless us so for obeying?

Hannah is excited about getting to know Leonor and that we are helping her be able to go to school. I am so proud of what Hannah will learn about helping others. Lord, please help Leonor to meet you and make you boss of her life!!

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