Thursday, July 8, 2010

Big Week for a Big Boy!

It has been a big week for my big boy! He wore "big boy" underwear for the first time and did good! I mean, it only lasted for about 20 minutes but he was so stinkin' cute in his little undies. :-) It is hard for me to believe he is big enough to potty train but he is, and he is doing pretty well. Here are some pictures of him in his training pants.

He looks so big and tall sitting here!

How can you not just fall in love with this sweet boy? Ugh, my heart melts!

Not only are we trying out big boy undies, we have graduated to our big boy bed! Brian went up in the attic to get it out and found out we didn't have the hardware for it. I contacted the manufacturor and found out that the bed has been discontinued so they no longer had the hardware. However, they were able to email the instruction manuel and it listed the hardware so my wonderful husband went and spent $30 so that we could get Isaac's bed together. He was so excited while Brian was putting it together. He kept yelling "big boy bed! big boy bed!". So funny! Here are some pics of the kids helping Brian put the bed together:

Hannah was much more worried about posing than helping Dad! Ha!

Tada!!! Here is my sweet boy laying on his bed for the first time.

We moved the bed into Isaacs room and left the crib up, just in case. He stayed in there for a long time just sitting on his bed playing. I had to take a picture and then he wanted me to take a picture of Woody. :-)

When bedtime came, I gave Isaac a little milk and we sat in the chair....just like every other night. I began to get a little nervous thinking that Isaac will never just lay in this bed because he actually has the choice whether to stay in or get out. I was wrong!!! I laid him down and he went to sleep within 10 minutes! One proud momma here! I went in to check on him and the following picture is what I found:

Wrong end but he was alseep!! I had a little trouble getting to sleep because I just knew he was going to fall off the bed but finally I dozed off. I was then awakened by Brian getting a shower at 3am....he couldn't sleep so he was showering and going to work. I then decided to go check on Isaac.....he was in the middle of his floor fast asleep! I'm not sure if he fell off his bed or crawled off and went back to sleep but either way, he slept til 5am. I heard a door shut at jumped up to see what was wrong....there Isaac stood in the hallway with this huge smile on his face. Wish I would have gotten a picture of it. He was too cute. I had him come lay down with me and he slept til 6:30. I am hoping that this is how the nights will go....him still sleeping all night.
I just can't believe my monkey is old enough for all of this. Wow, time flies!

Thank you Lord for my kids!

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  1. Oh my! He is precious. I know those days are coming again for me all too soon!!