Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Catching up with old friends

My day sure started out good.....I got to meet my old friend, Cheryl Hyman, at McDonalds in Van Buren so we could catch up! I haven't seen her in a long time but you never would have known it.....I love that! Cheryl & I have been friends for 10 years. Gosh, that's a long time! I met Cheryl when I went to work for the Collection Department at Superior Bank, before Arvest bought them. I was the receptionist for the department for a while and then became and collector. I learned so much from Cheryl. She was one of the best we had! Anyway, we got to sit and talk for 3 hours this morning while the kids played! It was awesome!!

Here is Hannah and Laurel...they were born 15 days apart. I wasn't sure they would remember each other (we haven't seen each other in a while) but they did and played so wonderfully together!

This is Cheryl and her oldest daughter Aubrey. She is 11 years old. Aubrey was about a year old when she and Cheryl came to my wedding!

Here is Isaac re-hydrating himself....before he developed this high fever and began feeling terrible.

These girls are just too sweet! I am so glad they are friends. :-)

Here they are just chatting it up...before they realized I was taking their picture.

We all had such a good time!
As I was putting Isaac in the car I noticed he felt really warm but thought he might have just gotten really hot playing in the tube things. He still felt hot when we got home so I took his temperature....103.4!!! What?!?!?! I called Dr. Ashcrafts office and they said they wanted to see him so we loaded up and went to the doctor. After checking EVERYTHING they have determined he has a summer virus that will last 24 - 48 hours. He is laying on the couch as I type this watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. My poor baby. I pray he feels better soon. Not a good way to end what started as a wonderful day!

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