Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Addison Road

This past weekend I attended The Girl Within Conference at our church. Vicki Courtney was the speaker and Addison Road led worship. Hannah wanted to come with me so badly but she just wasn't quite old enough. However, Addison Road put on a concert on Saturday night and I took her with me to that. She was so excited. My friends, Jasmin McBride & Trisha Smith, brought their daughters with them to the concert as well. The girls had so much fun! Below are a few snapshots I got of the fun! :-)

Here we have Hannah, Cambreigh and Jaycee waiting for the concert to start.

Me and my sweet girl....love her so much!

The girls got to go stand by the stage when the concert began....Jaycee was making sure someone was watching her. Ha!

Hannah, listening intently to what Jenny was saying.

Here is Jenny (lead singer of Addison Road) with Hannah.
I had such a good time sharing this with Hannah. I pray we have many more moments like this to share.

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