Thursday, August 19, 2010

Last Day of Summer Vacation

Today is the last day of Summer Vacation for my Hannah-bell. I find it to be bittersweet. She is growing up way too fast for me.....complete with attitude! I am having such a hard time believing my baby girl is beginning 1st grade tomorrow. Wow...I can't even imagine all the things (both good and bad!) she will learn this year. Isaac is going to be lost without his "Nannah" to follow around and pester! Ha!
Hannah has one of her best little friends over today.....Emily Alford. Emily's mom, Tonya, teaches 3 year old Preschool at our church and her classes began today so Emily came to hang with us. They are having a great time....they have played Barbies, made candy necklaces and now they are bowling on the Wii for Isaac. They are such sweet girls.

Here is a picture of the big girls with our big boy! Seriously he is going to be so sad without Hannah here all day.

Not only are we sending our big 1st grader off to school tomorrow, we have a big boy working very hard on learning to use the potty.....everytime! Ha! He wanted to show off his Mickey Mouse "wonderwear". Isn't it too cute!!! It seems like yesterday it was Hannah running around in her tiny little panties. Time flies way too fast!

Lots of changes are happening....I'm praying God's blessings on a new school year!

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